Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day 5 in Munich (Our First Weekend!) - Munich Exploration

We have our first official break from business meetings today after a relatively intense week since arriving here in Munich. Our big group spread out into small teams to explore the city on their own.


After a very nice and relaxing breakfast, me and the others decided to explore BMW museum, Olympic park and English garden. The downpour of rain and strong gusts of wind did not stop us from venturing into the exciting world of BMW. We visited the BMW Welt and Museum, shamelessly gawking at all the cool cars they had on the floor: from existing models to concepts cars!

P1010001 P1010004 P1010012

P1010010 P1010014 P1010047

P1010068 IMG 1803 P1010063

IMG 1820 IMG 1837 IMG 1850

IMG 1854 IMG 1860 IMG 1870

Magic Beads!

P1010077 P1010078

The team ended the BMW tour at the gift shop, getting some mementos for ourselves and to take homes to our family and friends.

P1010023 1

Our next stop is at Olympic park. We went up the famous tower where we were treated to a nice view of the entire Munich city, Olympic stadium and BMW welt & Museum. We couldn't resist taking multiple photos! We also ran into the women marathon and some promotion booths in the park and collected some nice gifts, yah!

IMG 1941 IMG 1918 IMG 1926

We were also curious about a Chinese temple-looking place we saw on one of the maps while travelling to our business meetings days before. We realized that it was the famous English Garden so we just had to visit it as well! It was relatively easy to get to due to the super convenient subway system of Munich (it only took us a few days to get fully “engaged” with the U & S bahn system!).It only took us a few stops from Olympic park to English garden. We immediately enjoyed the walking along the garden area and kept looking for the “temple”. With some friendly local people’s guidance, we finally got there! It turned out, it was not really a Chinese temple but a beer garden, with a Chinese architecture looking tower.

DSC01625 DSC01622

As compensation, we accidentally found the Greek temple across a big meadow, which looked gorgeous. We were quite far from it so only pictures with it will do :)

DSC01641 DSC01627

Time flew fast which didn't leave us some time for shopping. Munich is just simply captivating!

DSC01652 DSC01658

For dinner, we went to a very traditional German restaurant and very much enjoyed the meal with, of course, beers!


As a bonus, here's a photo of Professor Bhargava and Inger in the Alps!

IMG 1947

-- Author: Mingyu Qu

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